FAQ about renewal

If you've got questions, we've got answers.

When you keep your current Anthem health plan, your plan network may stay the same. If you choose a different plan, you may have new networks with different in-network providers.

You can select a plan option similar to what you have today and continue to count on valuable benefits1, including:

  • Access to the same Anthem network — including your favorite doctors, hospitals and pharmacies2
  • Prescription drug benefits at local and nationally recognized pharmacies
  • Coverage for doctor's visits, hospital, outpatient and emergency room care
  • No lifetime dollar limits on covered services
  • Coverage for children up to age 263

Yes. If you keep your current plan, your prescription benefits will not change.

If you are happy with the plan options we recommended in your renewal package, just keep paying your bills on time to keep your Anthem plan.1 It's that easy!

You can review the plan option recommended in your renewal package to make sure it is the best plan for you and your employees. Contact your Anthem Sales representative or broker if you need help.

If your needs have changed, contact your Anthem Sales Representative to learn more about your coverage options. Anthem has a variety of health, dental, vision, life and disability plans to meet your needs and budget. Or, contact your broker.

Yes. Contact your Anthem Sales Representative to learn more. Or, contact your broker.

It's easy, using EmployerAccess at anthem.com/ca. Click here and go to page 6 for detailed instructions.

Visit the Easy Renew site to learn more about plan options

1 This information may not apply to CT or NY plans. This is also not applicable to HIPAA, Conversion, TAA, HCTC and Assignment plans. Please reference your contract if you believe you are on one of these plans or call your agent or broker if you need additional information.
2 Using an out-of-network provider may result in a higher cost for treatment from that provider.
3 Age requirements may vary by state.